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Club-Visuals by Optickle



dreksler & haerle (live act)

and men from Optickle

(visuals and videoinstallation)

10/19/2013 - Turnhalle Progr

welove session 05/03/2013

Turnhalle (Progr), Optickle & Diferenz (Dubquest)

Mastra Live (CDE, BE), Fabien (Midilux) / Jay Sanders (hot jam, BE), Ramax (Tastatur, BE)

welove session 01/02/2013

Turnhalle (Progr), Optickle & Diferenz (Dubquest)

Dreksler & Haerle live! ( Elektrostubete, Elastic Trax, Sirion Records)
DJ PA-TEE (Kugl Resident, SG)& Nicola Koch (Mischkultur BE)

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