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OUT an effort to experience the perspective of sound and sphere


Werner Hasler and the musicians of 'the outer string' bring sounds and pictures from the exterior to the interior. Six recordings made in landscapes and spaces serving as ad-hoc studios in Liechtenstein, Berne and Paris form the core of the project.

OUT is an attempt to make the acoustic dimensions of a space audible; an effort to experience the perspective of sound and sphere.
The supple sounds of the trumpet coupled with cello, drums and electronics interweave, penetrate, veil or even fight against the will-less sonic wash of the outside. At the same time, the camera records the space and at some points the musicians.

The presentation is an inter-connective, multidimensional exhibition of video art with live sets. The short films can be experienced at the audience's leisure. Six sets of live music in varying formations from solo to quartet, embedded in the visuals from the six recordings, inspire the imagination and invite a sense of deja-vu between the pictures, the music, the spaces and the sounds.


Regie: Hugo Ryser

Camera: Manuel Schüpfer, Hugo Ryser, Editing: Hugo Ryser

Sound: Werner Hasler, Marie Schmit, Carlo Niderhauser


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