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OUT THERE / a looped hexaphonic, hexagonal installation with an eventually interfering audio visual live set of around 30 minutes

created by:


Hugo Ryser concept | projection | scenography


Werner Hasler concept | composition | trumpet electronics


For thousands of years, people were looking and listening into the sky, full of expectation, hoping to receive a sign, a radio message, a signal, a response to the Voyager data, a coded message of intelligence besides the reply of all the material and garbage that we have sent out into nothingness... Even if there was someone out there who wanted to tell us something -an idea we don't want to disavow- we might not recognize the message at all. According to scientists we might not be able to distinguish it from the background noise of the universe.

It is precisely such cosmic noise that the musician and composer Werner Hasler and the media artist Hugo Ryser are installing. "The viewer should lose himself, just as one loses oneself on the ski slopes in fog or actually.. in the cosmos.? Our ears and eyes penetrate into this seemingly uniform noise, discover reliefs, colorations, believe to recognize parabolic patterns. Was there something? Is that it? Is somebody out there? An invitation to space and nothingness.

The premiere took place 2019 at Musikfestival Bern

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